Arbiter Backflow

Test More Backflows with the Mako

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You deal with stuck valves, customer calls while testing and getting squirted with water in the face on a daily basis.  Technology has made so many parts of your life easier, why not testing backflow assemblies?  Your time matters and we want to help make testing easier so you can test more assemblies.  Don't waste your time or money and get more backflow assemblies tested.

  • Capture button lets you save values so when your next customer calls, you can take the call without losing your place.
    • Capture button is also great on RPBAs, PVBAs and SVBAs when you would otherwise have to look at two places at once to test
  • Faster reaction time than most analog gauges means less waiting for your reading to settle
  • Bright, large and easy to read display is good in the darkest places and awkward positions
  • Easy to hold in your hand.  
    • Rubber gripped rails and a well balanced tool make it easy to hold up during your testing
  • Metal and nylon hook allows you to hang your gauge when you're in a vault or have other piping around
  • Rubberized non-slip knobs allow you to control the valves with fingertip accuracy
  • Warrantied for 5 years and built to be serviced
  • 4 month battery life with daily use



The Mako helped these BATs test more backflows.  Press or click the picture above to see what they had to say.

Test Procedures and Operator's Manuals


Press or click the picture above to view the test procedures and operator's manuals for the Mako.