Arbiter Backflow


Yes! You read that banner right!

When we were developing the Mako, we were shocked to find that despite the USC FCCCHR Manual 10 being out since 2009, no test gauge had been approved.  We also found out that this was something that most people in the industry didn't know either.  Every gauge that was referred to as being "on the list" was added to a list before Manual 10.  A gauge on the Manual 10 list must meet the tests and standards described in the manual.  Manual 10 is the first manual from FCCCHR to include specifications for field test kits and the list of Manual 10 approved gauges supersedes all prior lists. Until recently that list was empty.

Through the two and a half years of development of the Mako, we learned how to make a gauge that could meet the high standards set out in Manual 10 as well as the needs of testers, purveyors and the industry.  Check out the list of approved Manual 10 gauges on USC FCCCHR's website:

There are many water purveyors who only accept test reports from test kits that are "on the list".  If you own a Mako, we encourage you to send your water purveyor a link to the updated USC FCCCHR list as you might one of the first in your area that has the ability to test.  Expect a lot more business!

Everyone that owns a copy of Manual 10 can review the specifications a test kit must meet in the manual, but you may be wondering why some of those tests or requirements are important. We will be giving talks at cross connection control conferences about the test kit section of USC FCCCHR Manual 10 to help testers understand why these sections are in the manual and why they are important.

Other Certifications



Our FCC certification allows devices with wireless communication to be sold legally in the United States and other countries that accept the FCC certification.  That's right, the Mako has blue tooth built in from the very first one sold.  We have opened our communication protocol to software developers in the industry so that we can get to that unbroken data chain of backflow assembly testing sooner.  If you develop mobile apps for this industry and are interested in using our tool to collect backflow assembly tests for you, contact us!



CE is a general mark of safety that allows the product to be sold legally in the EU and various other places that also accept the CE mark.