Arbiter Backflow

What Other Backflow Testers are Saying about the Mako


Michael Schlonga

"This is only my fifth season as a certified tester, but the advantages of the MAKO over my analog gauge are readily apparent. Its compact size, intuitive design, and value capture feature make me a more accurate and faster tester. I can think of no other tool available to me that has such a noticeable impact on my productivity."

-Michael Schlonga, Dependable Backflow Services 




"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am to be the new owner of my MK2! What an awesome piece of equipment! I've used a few older digital test kits and was using a Midwest analog gauge. NONE of those come close to the MK2! The capture button is such a time saver and convenience! What a great feature. The build is top quality and the hoses are like nothing I've used before. What a fantastic test kit! Thanks for such a high quality kit!"

-Dale Baxmann, Senior Utility Inspector, Cross Connection Specialist - Seattle Public Utilities and BAT Instructor - WETRC.


Chuck Massey

"This is one of the most innovative improvements I’ve seen in 25 years in the industry. It is well thought out and very practically designed. I particularly like being able to record all test data with the push of a button. This significantly reduces time spent writing in the field, often in adverse conditions." 

-Chuck Massey, long time BAT and founder of Certified Testing Services