About Us

Field Instrumentation is What We Do


Testing backflow assemblies is harder than it should be.  Stuck valves, water everywhere, remembering test procedures, annoyed customers, awkward positions, poorly lit boxes, bruised knees and skinned knuckles are just a sample of the difficulties.  Why should your tools be one of them?

Our experienced team has 27 years of experience building electronic tools for field technicians.  We have over 18 patents to our names with over 60 products that we have developed that are being used by field professionals in several industries.  We are a nimble team that is dedicated to customer service and values our customers' time and money.  Our tools are built to last and built to be serviced.  We have a five year warranty on the Mako.  The Mako is easy to use and can be calibrated with the same calibration equipment your mechanical gauges can.

Don't waste your time and money on your grandfather's technology.  Test more backflow assemblies with the Mako.